Coding Period Week 10

Organization : SymPy
Solvers: Completing Solveset

24 July 2016 - 30 July 2016

by Shekhar Prasad Rajak — Posted on July 30, 2016

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eliminate() continue:

Output of solveset should be of one type:

  • Amit discussed about it. Solution we see in solveset should be in one type of set. Right now we may have solution in Imageset, Finiteset, Complement, Intersection or ConditionSet. So there would be problem for user to handle these many solution type.

  • I think there should be something that separate Complements, Intersections,ConditionSet and main solution in Finiteset.

  • E.g. if solveset solution is Intersection(Complement(FiniteSet(x), {y}), {z}) then soln : FiniteSet(x), x != {y}, {x} intersect {z}.

Continue Simplified Trig soln

PR #11188

  • According to the Harsh comments/review I modified the PR. Now it seems it is returning more simplified solution( one case is here) .

  • To understand the changes I did in the _solve_trig method, one should check this gist

  • To see the advantage of imageset union, One good example is in this gist


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