Coding Period Week - 1

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Make Daru more ready for integration with modern Web framework

30 May 2017 - 6 June 2017

by Shekhar Prasad Rajak — Posted on June 5, 2017

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Created daru-view repo and setup

31 May 2017 :
  1. Created daru-view repo and edited some files :

  2. Started working on Nyaplot in daru-view for web application. When I started defining modules and classes, I finalised the design pattern to use, after reading many articles . I think Adapter design pattern and Composite design pattern is good for it.

Why Adapter design pattern :

  • Adapter pattern’s motivation is that we can reuse existing gems if we can modify the interface.
  • Using Daru-view join functionalities of independent or incompatible interfaces of different gems.

Why Composite design pattern :

  • Define common objects and use it for defining composite objects.

Let me know if you have any good links to understand how to design a good gem.

I am adding Nyaplot library and defining helper methods.

1 June 2017 :
  1. Setup the rspec, travis, simplecov .
  2. Started working on Nyaplot library. Defined class Plot . First adapter will be set, to use in plotting. Then require that adapter module to use its method in plot class .

|-- view
|   |-- adapters
|   |   |-- nyaplot
|   |       |-- some helper modules
|   |   -- nyaplot.rb
|   |-- plot.rb

Some thoughts : — Since daru already using Nyaplot library so I think we should use it directly df.plot options and vec.plot options . User must aware of options that is available in Nyaplot . Mandatory options are :

for dataframe = type, x, y for vector = type

other options like height, weight, zoom, legend, etc can be setup using something like this :

        plot.configure do

If any options is not defined then it will raise error (option is not available in that library).

For web application :

 div, script = components(plot)

script must be written in head tag and div in the body tag. Template is created created to generate script separately and body part using generate_body method.

2 June 2017 report
  1. Continue on nyaplot and added some highcharts templates to generate html code, scripts. I will finish them in this PR :

  2. It took me time to understand how IRuby notebook able to plot the charts using only the body div part generated in Nyaplot plotting system. I found that there is to_iruby and show in Nyaplot/frame.rb added by PR and this commit . I think IRuby.display (used in nyaplot show method ) uses to_iruby . I will try the same with highcharts tomorrow.

  3. lazy_high_charts gem is created for generating charts in web applications. so it can’t be used in IRuby notebook directly. I have discussed about it in this issue : .I hope it will be fixed soon.

3 june 2017 Report :
  1. I have added dummy_rails app in spec folder, that will contain all the plotting features examples. Right now I have added Nyaplot examples . The commit link :

  2. I found that lazy_high_charts gem is not able to plot in IRuby notebook . I discussed about it in this issue : and fixes the issue in this PR :

I hope it will be merged and we will be able to use it in daru-view.

5 June 2017 report :
  1. Wrote blog post : . I will add more contents soon.

  2. In daru-view spec/dummy_rails app I got some error. I found that there is little problem in generating div part of the chart by Nyaplot, so it is just showing border of the chart in rails app (It works fine in IRuby notebook). Also it works fine when I used Nyaplot gem directly in web application. I hope it will be fixed soon.

  3. Designing a good method to get chart using Highcharts that will help to pass options and data from daru dataframe, vectors to highcharts. Pr : to get the chart in IRuby from highcharts will be merged soon, That will help in daru-view .

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