Contribution before GSoC

Organization : SciRuby
Make Daru more ready for integration with modern Web framework

Feb 2017 - April 2017

by Shekhar Prasad Rajak — Posted on May 4, 2017

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daru (Data Analysis in RUby) is a library for storage, analysis, manipulation and visualization of data in Ruby.

daru makes it easy and intuitive to process data predominantly through 2 data structures: Daru::DataFrame and Daru::Vector. Written in pure Ruby works with all ruby implementations.

It was around Nov 2016 when I first tried daru, but because of some system dependencies in my Kali Linux system, I was not able to setup the development version. I had watched some videos on Daru presented in various conference by Sameer : Data Analysis in RUby with daru / Sameer Deshmukh and Scientific Computing in Ruby. These videos shows that how we can use Daru for analysing large/small data sets and get a tour of daru being coupled with other Ruby tools like pry, iruby and nyaplot for interactive and standalone data analysis and plotting for gaining quick insights into data — all with a few lines of Ruby code.

Then in Feb/March 2017 I setup it properly in my MacBook and started contributing. [Meanwhile Jan/Feb 2017 I had contributed Ruby/Bundler community]


I always get quick response on my PRs and discussions. Slowly I understood the codebase of Daru, after reading blogs and discussions. I am always interested to contribute to an open source and this gives me a good platform.

My all the PRs to Daru repo can be found in this link :

  • Merged PR #312 : Where clause when data contains missing/undefined values.

  • Merged PR #313 : Removed unnecessary spaces from the all files of Daru.

  • Merged PR #314 : Defined is_values for Index.

  • Merged PR #315 : Defined sort for Index and sort_by_index for vector.

  • Unmerged PR #323 : Defined name attr for Index and MultiIndex.

Getting ready to choose a Project

March 2017 I started preparing the GSoC proposal. After these contribution the another major part was choosing a project and getting idea to improve certain module in Daru. I started searching for project on daru wiki page GSoC 2017 ideas and discussions

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