RubyConf India Bangalore 2018


by Shekhar Prasad Rajak — Posted on February 9, 2018

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RubyConf India Bangalore 2018 : Proposal for RubyConf

I had submitted the proposal for Ruby Conference, but unfortunatily it was not get accepted. The talk was about daru, daru-view, daru-io. My main intension was to get contributor and make peoples to know about the newly created daru plugin gem daru-io and daru-view

I bought the ticket somehow, since all the tickets get sold out. I got the early bird ticket from someone who was not available for the conference and transferred the ticket to me. Thanks to his. Prasun helped me to get the ticket.

Since audience get chance to talk for few minutes in lightening/flash talk. I get chance to talk about daru-view.

Talk: A modern gem for data visualization

Link of the slide


“Interactive Visualization of data in Rails app”, did you type something similar in Search engine and ended up using javascript code? Okay Rubyist! let’s see how to use some of the most popular JS plotting libraries using few lines of Ruby code in Web app with daru-view gem, which is capable of plotting charts/graphs using GoogleCharts, HighCharts, Nyaplot and datatable JS.


I was using GSoC 2017 Blog to show features of daru-view plugin gem :

and daru-io gem

9 Feb 2018: Day 1

On day 1, I reached to the center around 10 AM and meet with Prasun and Victor at the afternoon. Discussion with Prasun and other speakers, audience was really good during lunch break and tea break. I met with many awesome peoples and came across projects, ideas.

Evening slot I get chance to present talk on stage and represented the SciRuby (Ruby Science foundation). Thanks to RubyConf, it was really great feeling to be at the front of world top class speakers.

I get appreciation for the talk from the audience.

At the evening we get Dinner and drinks in the RubyConf itself. People were very friendly and was very eager to learn and discuss about each others works and talks. I met with many people during this time.

10th Feb 2018: Day 2

Morning session 2 SciRuby members Victor and Prasun had presented the talk.

All other talks were well and I enjoyed the talks.

And the end with party and some memorable moments.

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