Coding Period Week - 7

Organization : SciRuby
Make Daru more ready for integration with modern Web framework

16 July 2017 - 22 July 2017

by Shekhar Prasad Rajak — Posted on July 16, 2017

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Google charts tool continue & DataTables

17, 18 July 2017 Report :

Examples shows, how we can use html table as data source for plotting the chart.

These examples shows how user can use the html table generated from the daru dataframe and vector and add the datatables class and styling to transform it into DataTables table form with pagination and search features .

19, 20 July 2017 Report :

It is working fine in rails application, but I am not able to see the table in iruby notebook. Actually it is not using the js that is loaded in notebook (when I run DataTable.init_iruby).

  • rake file is added in datatables.rb to update the js files automatically by running rake command. There are many more js and css file to be added for more features .

  • Initial code have added in daru-view for DataTables :

21, 22 July 2017 Report :
  • Most of the works was around data_tables . Now using this gem we can get datatables from the data array and html code of the table.

Refer :

  • I still didn’t understand why it is not working in IRuby notebook. I have loaded the dependent js files (don’t know how to load css files in iruby notebook). In out put cell I can see the script and table code. But the JS code is not invoked, so it is just working as normal html table code.

  • Since it is working fine in web application (Rails) [You can check the example in the spec/dummy_rails ] .

  • I have added data_tables in daru-view in this PR:

Also I have added examples in spec/dummy_rails application. Example shows how we can use Daru DataFrame and Vector as the data source for the data_tables. Also it will work when data is given as array.

  • There are many options that can be used in data_tables . Examples link

  • Default options are pagination, search, show entries.

  • Using data_tables we can load the large dataset piece by piece (more scroll more data will be loaded). I have discussed about it here.

Using server side processing, data can be loaded from the url or some file and ajax method can be used to load data piece by piece. More work has to be done, in this area.

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