Coding Period Week - 8

Organization : SciRuby
Make Daru more ready for integration with modern Web framework

23 July 2017 - 29 July 2017

by Shekhar Prasad Rajak — Posted on July 31, 2017

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Mid Term evaluation

Meeting on hangout and reviewed each others code

Athitya reviewed my work on daru-view. Few points he discussed is :

Timeline wise
  • nyaplot : Done
  • highcharts : Done
  • googlecharts : Done
  • datatables : Done
  • matplotlib: Yet to be done
  • chartkick : Not to be done, highcharts is already implemented
  • Can dummy rails / sinatra / nanoc apps be shifted to examples/ dir? With some tests for each? (Also, maybe git-submodules?)
  • Not using CDN Content (Page 3 of proposal). Pro: Offline feature Con: Frequent updating to daru-view for assets via rake task Drop support for Ruby 2.0? Keyword arguments?
Code Quality
  • Good work with adapters architecture
  • Couple of Rubocop disables like PerceivedComplexity & CyclomaticComplexity
  • Couple of unused variables on running rspec
  • Tidying specs with rubocop and rubocop-rspec
  • Few minor code style enhancements possible case..when (Unnecessary class comparision with is_a?)

    1. lib/daru/view/adapters/googlecharts.rb L107 - L126, L135 - L140, L147 - L158
    2. lib/daru/view/adapters/highcharts.rb L93 - L105
    3. lib/daru/view/adapters/nyaplot.rb L43 - L50
  • Can be DRY-ied (maybe Inheritence?)
  • Update to new YARD doc standards?
  • Usability perspective
  • Download as SVG feature?
  • Better documentation with links to respective JS lib, in README? Because, whole usage of daru-view depends on the options that can be passed. Monkey-patch into Daru::DataFrame / Daru::Vector for use like df.plot(opts)

Few things I reviewed on arrayfire-rb @prasunanand

  • Installation is fine and easy. Just need to install OpenCL and arrayfire. Then we can clone the repo and do according to the readme.

  • Works according to the timeline is fine. I see till LAPACK functionalities .ArrayFire- JRuby is yet to be implemented. After that ArrayFire JAVA APIs will be implemented like C++ APIs.

  • I tried examples from the test/**.rb files. It works fine. Exceptiosn and proper error msg on wrong arguments is in todo.

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